Nutrition & Wellness Courses

Diploma Nutrition, Health & Dietetics

This one year diploma course is designed to impart adequately vast knowledge of nutrition and dietetics for overall health and wellness for humans as well as for therapeutic nutrition which is recognized as an integral tool for the prevention and treatment of many modern day diseases. On one hand it gives students the information to be able to understand and analyse the nutritional needs of people of all sets, backgrounds and age groups as well as equips them with the skills and tools to assist in professional consultation of the client.

A science background, and particularly food and nutrition or home sciences background will stand the student in good stead while pursuing this course and in practicing thereafter.

Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics (OC&LDSP)

This off campus and long distance study program in nutrition and dietetics enables a candidate to use diet and nutrition information to achieve knowledge and understanding of healthy balanced diet and theory of nutrition.

Certificate in Clinical & Therapeutic Nutrition (OC&LDSP)

This off campus and long distance study programme involves working with clients to create nutrition programs and supervise meal preparation that promote healthy eating habits and treat or prevent diet-related illnesses and develop diets specific to each patient.

Certificate in Sports & Fitness Nutrition (OC&LDSP)

This off campus and long distance study programme helps in family fitness, with a focus on healthy menu planning, weight loss strategies, fitness routines, and flexibility training with effective nutritional counselling.

Certified Weight Management Executive

Weight Management Executive course is designed for both uninitiated and experienced health and fitness professionals, more so the nutrition professionals, certified with Vibes Institute or other organisations /colleges including registered dieticians. As ‘Weight Management Executive’, one will gain the knowledge needed to receive & handle, interact with, counsel & register and then lead clients to long term weight management success through a balance of behaviour change strategies, exercise and nutrition. The student will gain a greater understanding of the psyche of the clients impacted by overweight or obesity, and how the practicing professional can craft a sustainable path to health change.