Make Up

Foundation Course in Basic Make Up

As the name itself conveys this foundation level course in the art of make-up initiates one into the very creative, expressive and exciting segment of cosmetology, viz make-ups.

Beginning with learning about the colour cosmetics, the art of analyzing skin and facial contours, and basic tools and implements employed by the crafty make-up artists, one will learn various types and categories of make-ups such as self-day make-up, evening make-up, party make-up, reception make-up, Indian bridal make-up, make-up for the groom, as well as required basic skills such as application of eye-liner, lipstick, false eye-lashes, and the very essential and critical aspect of corrective make up, all of which combine together to conceal the flaws in the subject and enhance the positive features of the person.

Skill-acquisition combined with one’s inner flair to give a final exquisite finish to the work go a long way in differentiating between the majority of make-up artists and the one who stands apart in this field, and this is exactly what we endeavor to make our students understand, learn and imbibe in Vibes Institute.

Our course counselors will help you in your process of self-analysis to decide the right time and level of make-up course you should be going in for.

Course Highlights
Advance Certificate in Professional Make Up

This Advance Certificate level course in make-up artistry, takes off from where the foundation course leaves, in the sense that the student of this course steps up to the next level of make-up techniques and skills.

One would be learning the advanced make-up theory and advanced make-up concepts, including glamorous make-up, bronze make-up, shimmer make-up, black & white make up, aqua colour mask make-up, special effects make-up, catwalk make-up, preparing a European bride, advance level eye-make up techniques and so on and so forth.

The focus is on learning finer and varied nuances of different make up techniques and procedures, so that one can handle tougher, more specific and more demanding assignments from both retail and professional clients.

Our course counselors shall be too glad to assist you and guide you through the decision making stage.

Course Highlights
Diploma in Make Up Artistry

This Diploma Level Course in Make Up, combines two modules of Foundation Course and Advance Certificate Course in Make-Ups, taking the student from basic foundations of art of make up through to higher and specialist level of professional make ups. One would be taken through all the stages of learning of the exquisite art of using colour cosmetics for make ups, starting with understanding of the need for make-up, the tools and implements employed, various types of make-ups starting with self-day make-up, evening make-up, party make-up, engagement make-up, bridal make-up, glamorous make-up, fancy make-up, black & white make-up, special effects make-up, aqua colour mask make-up, bronze make-up and catwalk make-up to name a few, going on to learn about special techniques of eye make-ups, application of lip liners and of false eye lashes, preparation of European brides and much more.

The course ensures an uninterrupted process of learning and mastering the skills from the very basic level skills to the advanced expert level skills in the field of make-ups.

Depending on one’s interest, passion and career planning, one may also be interested in taking up an aesthetician course and/or a hair dressing course along with the make-up course.

Feel free at all times to ask our course counselors to assist you and guide you through the decision making stage.

Course Highlights
Creative Diploma in Intensive Make Up

Many in the industry refer to it as level 3 or level 4 make-up course, which in our opinion does not convey properly the essence of this course.

Key words to note, acknowledge and keep in mind while choosing this course are – creative and intensive. The student or applicant has presumably learnt basic to advance level make-up skills through Certificate Course, Advance Certificate Course and perhaps Diploma Course in Make-up, and is now poised and willing to delve deeper to learn more intensive and intricate craftiness of the discipline of make-ups using colour cosmetics.

While they will be acquiring newer and intensive skills of this level, they will be encouraged to apply their own creative talents to the procedures being practiced and add their own bit to these.

In terms of newer skills to be acquired, students shall be learning deeper levels of colour theory and its application, preparing western brides, preparing Arabic brides, doing movie make-ups with its two variants of Hollywood make- up and Bollywood make-up, natural dewy make-up, cover girl make-up, glamour make-up, fashion make-up, camouflage make-up, 3-D eye make-up, theatre make-up, classical dance make-up, khaliji make-up, special effects make-up, to name a few.

One may of course be taking Aesthetician and/or Hair Dressing courses alongside to add facets to one’s personality as a make-up artist.

Our counselors will help you, guide you and assist you with the required information so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Course Highlights
Master Diploma in Pro Make Up Artistry

This is the pinnacle of make-up artistry learning as far as any institute level structured courses go. Please understand that learning a discipline, a craft or an art, never ceases and same applies to all cosmetology courses including the make-up courses. One can keep honing one’s skills, keep learning about newer products being introduced in the market and keep evolving as a practitioner of the art.

This course is apt for and would suit any aspiring uninitiated youngster or even someone with past experience in the industry who is wishing to practice the highest level of the art and craft of make-ups.

One is going to learn the whole gamut of skills starting from the very basic steps of theory of make-ups, tools of make-up, skin analysis, face contour categorization, day make-ups, party make-ups, evening make-ups, reception & engagement make-ups, preparation of Indian bride, of European bride, of Western bride, of Arabic bride, through to very high level concepts and procedures of fashion, glamour, special effects, Hollywood style, Bollywood style, theatre, special effects, black & white, camouflage make ups, to name a few.

One may combine with it either aesthetician courses or hair dressing courses or both, depending on one’s interest, time available and career planning for oneself.

Our counselors are ever willing to help, guide and assist you with the required information and industry knowledge so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Course Highlights